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About Us/Rules

:bulletblack:This is a group dedicated to those who are amateurs at making webcomics. We will accept anyone who makes webcomics, even if you are not an amateur at it, but we highly encourage those who are amateurs to submit their work.
:bulletblack:Remember also that we accept any content as long as it's not pornographic, harmful or offensive.
:bulletblack:If you want to join just add us to your watch!
:bulletblack: PLEASE submit your work to the CORRECT folder as to avoid content getting mixed up.
:bulletblack: The featured folder is for contributors mainly, but other good comics may also be posted there!
:bulletblack: Do not post comics of a pornographic nature, unless they are properly marked and with the mature content filter on.
:bulletblack: This is a webcomics page, so please don't post just writing, or scripts, or fan art that isn't exactly comics related.
Hey, Co-Founder here

I'm thinking of renaming my channel to reboot my existence in this place so I can finally feel like people will find my name less videogamey, or less hard to read, or just so I can finally come here and post stuff (maybe College work idk) SO:
:bulletred:If you think I should change my name from 888thLegion, picke one of the ones below:bulletred:
:bulletgreen:SocietalCyclops (I like it this one, rolls off better and feels cool)
:bulletgreen:Antartist (sounds kinda...goofy? it's based of my name idk)
                   Antastic (the same but I dunno if it sounds better for a girls ID caus of the name "Anne")
:bulletgreen:PenPressured (I'm one of those who presses hard on pens and pencils when he draws)
:bulletgreen:PenPusher (kinda..means something else? sounds like pencil pusher wich I THINK it's a derogatory?)
 :bulletgreen:Portumaguese (I 'unno, maybe a joke on my country of origin)
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SAFG Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Question: Would you take something like this?
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DogTheWebcomic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Artist
wtf is going on I'm on a nexus 7 and it says I'm not allowed to post here I'm getting kinda pissed cuz nobody answered by other comment
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DogTheWebcomic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student Artist
Wtf someone answer I'm getting kinda annoyed I'm using a tablet so I wanted to submit SOE thing and says I'm not allowed
DogTheWebcomic Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student Artist
I'm kinda new and I have posted one comic and some pictures I don't know how to submit can anybody tell me step by step how
MadMegane Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
is this group still active? My submission ticket expired.
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